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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Cat of our Dreams??

So, my mom emails me the other day and asks if I want a cute little black and white kitty. I have 1 adult male cat, who loves female cats, so I said that I would take her in. I thought that it was a kitten, but in fact was a HUGE ass cat. The previous owner had 2 weeks to get rid of her, so I felt bad and agreed to take her. Now I've got this big, hairy female cat that hates my daughter and my other cat. She cries all night, sheds like crazy, and has clawed up our screen. Ooo, this is the cat of our dreams! Not really. I have trying my hardest to give her away, but no takers. We want to get a kitten for my daughter, instead we got helga, the biggest fricken cat ever! She was so excited to get her, but that has quickly passed since she scratches the hell out of her. Finally, today my moms neighbor called to say that she would take her on a 1 week trial basis! Yippy!!! O, that cat better behave itself because I don't want her ass back in my house! Wish me luck that this lady loves this dang cat...... :)

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